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22 Years and Counting!

Today, Steven and I are celebrating 22 years of marriage!

I am so grateful for this man.

He was an amazing answer to a heartfelt prayer of a girl who had given up on her ability to choose the man for her.

Going through my second divorce, as I knelt down in my room at my parents’ house, I meant it when I asked God to do the choosing for me.

Honestly, I didn’t even know that He should have been my Matchmaker from the get-go.

I got married the first time right before my senior year in high school in white stucco church in a town that barely had enough population for a post office.

Even though I had accepted Christ when I was almost ten years old, my mind was in the same condition as someone who did not belong to Him.

I had no idea who I already was in Christ or how living that new life would look different in this world.

And because of my lack of knowledge, I tried to get my worth and value from how I looked and my accomplishments.

Maybe you can relate.

Things were different back then than they are now.

A lot different.

In my sporadic church attendance, I don’t ever remember hearing one message about who I was in Christ.

I tried to find fulfillment as a wife and mother, then as a schoolteacher.

But no matter what I did or how much I achieved, nothing worked.

Then I started believing the lie that I was unhappy because I got married too young and to the wrong guy.

I left my husband of ten years in search of that “Perfect Man out there” who held the key to my happiness.

I remarried two years later and—I kid you not—the very next morning, I knew it was a mistake.

The next three months were a nightmare.

I was plunged into a depression so severe that I could hardly eat or sleep, and when I did go to sleep, I didn’t want to get up.

I wanted my life to end.

That’s when a friend of mine invited me to a Bible study called Experiencing God.

It was during that study, that Jesus revealed His special love for me.

That, along with a short-term use of an antidepressant, was enough to pull me out of that dark hole.

Sadly, my second marriage lasted two years.

But God.

God knew exactly who I needed.

I think He had a mile-wide grin on His face when I finally looked to Him to do the choosing for me!

Second to Jesus, Steven truly is the wind beneath my wings.

I couldn’t do what I do (stay home and share the Good News through my blog, books, and social media platforms) without him.

He works hard so that I can live my dream of sharing the love and grace of Jesus with anyone willing to listen.

So, here’s to Steven: I love you with all of my heart and I hope we get to enjoy many more years together on this earth!

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