Have You Ever Been Kissed Awake?

Have you ever been kissed awake? This question might remind you of the sweet, memorable line by little Pattie-Cake Spencer in the 1963 film, Spencer’s Mountain (The Waltons was a spin-off from this movie). Her oldest brother, Clayboy, has come upstairs to wake her up, but she doesn’t want to get out of bed yet. So she says, “Kiss me awake, Clayboy!”

While I watched this endearing scene, I immediately thought about all the times I had been kissed awake. And I’m not talking about being kissed awake by an affectionate human being or pet.

I’m talking about being kissed awake by God.

It happened again just this morning. Right as I was waking up, the song that was playing in my head was “Silly Love Songs”—one of my favorites from the 70s by Paul McCartney & Wings.

The chorus, I…love…you…was playing over and over in my mind. Can you hear it?

I could’ve thought, Hmm, I wonder why that song is playing in my head. But I didn’t. I knew exactly where it was coming from.

It was Jesus wooing me—first thing in the morning. He was reminding me that I am the object of His supreme affection and that I am always on His heart and mind. Even while I’m sleeping.

Christian, do you realize that Jesus never dozes off and continually sings over you while you are sleeping?

If you need His Word and His Spirit to convince you, here’s the proof:

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that even when we are asleep, our Spiritual Bridegroom never sleeps and is continually serenading us?

I am so thankful that He lives in me twenty-four/seven and continually reminds that I am His and He is mine (Song of Songs 6:3).

I’m wondering, have you ever been kissed awake by God?

I would love to hear your story.

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