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“I wrote this book to help Christians enjoy greater intimacy with Christ through understanding their flawless identity in Him.”



Christian, do you know that you are the pure, righteous, and holy bride of Christ, and your Spiritual Bridegroom only has eyes for you?

Your brain may be going tilt-tilt after reading that statement, but it’s completely true!

Jesus Christ longs for you to personally experience His cherishing love and exuberant life in your Monday-through-Sunday living.

He knows that as you enjoy His lavishing, unconditional love, you won’t be able to help but express it in this world.

The secret to loving is living loved in Christ, your Spiritual Bridegroom.

His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love is the first of three intimate and interactive six-week studies of the Song of Solomon, an allegory describing the divine romance between Christ and His bride, the church. Spanning chapters 1 and 2, this premier installment will help you renew your mind with the following refreshing and liberating truths:

  • As the bride of Christ, you are completely forgiven for the sins of your lifetime.
  • Through Christ’s finished work on the cross and your identification with Him in His crucifixion and resurrection, you have been made brand-new, and Christ is now your very life.
  • The new covenant made in Christ’s blood has forever sealed you in Him. Your Spiritual Bridegroom will never leave you nor forsake you, regardless of what you do or don’t do.
  • Because of His grace, you are free from law-based living to be completely enamored with Christ alone.
  • You have a real, invisible enemy who is trying everything within his limited power to hoodwink you into accepting his lies about who you are. Once you learn his most effective strategy, you will be armed and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

If you long to know Jesus as the love of your life, this study is for you!

BIO: Kim K. Francis and her husband, Steven, reside at the top of the Texas Panhandle in Perryton. They are the founders of His Heart’s Desire Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping believers in Christ around the globe live loved in Him through understanding their pure, righteous, and holy identity as His bride. Kim also enjoys communicating these liberating truths weekly in her blog, A Happy Christian’s Secret Life.

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  1. This very good. I continue to pray for success for the launching of your book. Peace and blessings.

    Manuel Moreno

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