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Love Notes from Your Beloved

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The Marvelous Truth

Healthy New-Life-in-Christ Habits

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God’s Reminder on Our Mountain Vacation

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My Book Launch Party Highlights

Unwrap Your Best Gift Ever in 2018

Have You Received the Best Gift Ever?

Assurance in the Christmas Season – Guest Post by Alex Lomangino

How to Make Your Stumble Part of the Dance

It’s Gonna Be So Good!

Faith in the Midst of a Cloud of Unknowing

God Built this House for Us in 1923!

What My Debut Book Has in Common with Fifty Shades

My Morning Heart-to-Heart with Jesus

What God Taught Me through Mrs. Stuart’s Cookies

The Secret to Savoring Christ’s Love

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The Serious Business of Enjoying God

Could This Be the Day?

Undivided Devotion to Christ

Pure Devotion to Christ

Simple Devotion to Christ

How to Tune into God’s Live Love Stream

The Secret to Loving

New Seasons & Next Steps

How God Interrupted My “Quiet” Time with a Noisy Cricket

Today’s Guest Post by Award-Winning Author Latayne C. Scott – Priska’s Betrothal

This Ghost Is Way Friendlier Than Casper!

Christian, Which Spiritual Season Are You In?

Christian, Heaven Is Here & Now!

Our Mountain Celebration

Why Every Christian Should Be Doing the Happy Dance

Are You the Ideal Candidate for My Launch Team?

Don’t Throw in the Towel!

Bye-Bye Lies!

This Man of Mine

This Is Way Better Than Botox!

Because Life Ain’t Always Pretty

Have You Ever Been Kissed Awake?

Have You Heard the Best News Ever?

Why I Wrote This Book

Has Grace Got You?

How I Got Raving Endorsements for My Book

Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are!

It’s Almost Time!

Are You a Lifer in Christ?

Whose Path Are You Following?

Why Lifer Is MercyMe’s Best Album Ever

Christian, Who Do You Think You Are?

Not Especially Fond of “The Shack”? Part 3

“God Won’t Give Us More Than We Can Handle.” True or False?

Not Especially Fond of “The Shack”? Part 2

The Difference between Guilt and Shame

Not Especially Fond of “The Shack”? Part 1

Are You Drinking This Poison?

How God Spoke to Me through “Chicken Little”

The Triple-Crown Kiss from Our Savior

The Importance of Seizing and Savoring Every Moment

I Was Totally Unprepared for This Kiss

Ready or Not, Here I Come! Part 2

How Sweet It Is to Be Loved by Him!

Ready or Not, Here I Come! Part 1

How Many Were Crucified with Christ? If Your Answer Is”Two,” This Post Will Surprise You

A Book Review on Peter Lord’s “Turkeys & Eagles”

Catch the Foxes

Kids Say the Darndest Things

The Greatest Love Song of All Time

What a Difference a Year Makes!

What You May Not Know About This Romantic Love Song

The Most Important Verse in the Bible

Your Love Story With Jesus Is Way Better Than a Fairy Tale!

My Sweet Spot

Why I Love Jesus So Much

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

What It Means to be the Bride of Christ

The Key to Living a Happy Christian Life

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