Holy but Hoodwinked

How God Spoke to Me through “Chicken Little”

Did you know that God can speak through anything, even animated children’s cartoons?

I continually ask the Lord to keep my eyes and ears peeled for all the ways He wants to reveal Himself to me.

I don’t want to miss a thing.

(I just heard Aerosmith singing in my head.)

Not too long ago, I was watching Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs on Netflix with my grandson, Logan.

This is one string of cartoons he loves to watch again and again.

If they were on a VHS tape, it would be worn out by now.

I must admit, I usually doze off after the first few minutes, but for some reason, I was more awake than usual that evening.

The episode that caught my attention was the 1943 version of “Chicken Little.”

An entire library of theology books on how the enemy works in our thought lives could be summed up in this nine-minute episode.

You know what they say: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth a million.

At least.

This cartoon was different than the Chicken Little I read and watched as a child.

The moral of that story was to not be a chicken and to have courage.

It had a happy ending.

But this particular Disney cartoon’s ending was anything but happy.

It was downright appalling!

To say that it surprised me would have been a gross understatement.

Even Logan acted baffled by the ending–although there is no telling how many times he’s seen it.

Kid’s cartoons just aren’t supposed to end that way.

The story opens with a contented feathered community living inside a tall white picket fence.

Its inhabitants are busy doing what fowl do: the hens gossiping, pecking people to pieces; the turkeys discussing the woes of the world; the ducks and geese drinking their day away; and their fearless rooster leader overseeing and protecting his territory.

The two main characters are Chicken Little, a puny pleasure-seeking yo-yo champion described as being “a little shy on brains,” and the only player in this story who lives outside the protective barrier–Foxy Loxy.

Foxy Loxy is a cunning carnivore who would love nothing more than to consume the entire lot of unsuspecting birds.

Since it is impossible for Foxy Loxy to get inside the fence, he decides to get inside the minds of his potential prey through the power of suggestion.

He does this by drilling small holes in the fence and whispering lies to them in order to lure them out of their safe haven.

He starts with Chicken Little and then moves on, spreading his propaganda to the rest.

(If you watch the ten-minute segment below, take special notice of how he speaks to each group of birds.)

I’m not going tell you the remainder of this story. You can see for yourself how it plays out.

Earlier, I mentioned that an entire library of theology books on how the enemy works in our thought lives could be summed up in this nine-minute episode.

Believer in Christ, it is vital for you to realize that not everything you hear in your mind originated with you–in your new heart.

In other words, Don’t believe everything you hear!

The enemy of your soul is trying to hoodwink you into accepting his lies.

Dear reader, 

  1. Has God ever spoken to you through a movie, television show, or book on how the enemy works in the battle going on in your mind?
  2. If so, what was His message to you?
  3. What does the statement, “Don’t believe everything you hear,” mean to you?

In my book, His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love, I spend two full days of the study exposing the enemy’s strategies in the battle going on in our minds.

If you are struggling with your thought life, then you need to get this study and allow God to enlighten you on how the enemy is stealing your peace through the thoughts he is feeding you.

If you want to learn more, check out my book page.

Until next time,
Live Christ—Live Happy!

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