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How God is Changing Lives through Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love Devotional

In last week’s blog post, “What’s So Good about Friday, Part 1,” I told you that this week’s post would be Part 2.

Sorry, but I won’t be sharing that today.

Instead, I want to let you know how God is already changing lives through my newest book, Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love Devotional, and to invite you to my very first FacebookLive event on Sunday, May 5 at 2:00 P.M (CST).

Testimony time! Here are some snippets from 5-star Amazon reviews:

  • “I actually bought 3 copies at a recent event and gave one to my high school sophomore daughter who said, ‘This book is written where I can actually understand God’s grace and love for me…it is life changing.'”
  • “I was personally encouraged as I have taken a new professional step of faith by the words, ‘Everything I inspire you to do, I empower you to do. Rest in knowing I’ve got your back in everything, regardless of what it may look like in the natural realm.’ As a counselor, I appreciated her chapter entitled ‘You are a Victor, Not a Victim.’ I will refer others to this book in my counseling practice.”
  • “I … love that in the table of contents it has the title for each day and oh how right on each day is. I have had some days that I went straight to the table of contents and picked a day to read and it was so on target of what I was going through. I love how God works like that. “
  • “I have been praying for a devotional that truly expresses who God says we are and how much He loves us and now there is one! It is a love letter from Jesus that clearly explains why we were created and His desire to spend time with us.”
  • “What an awesome devotional that clearly shares the new covenant message of grace and how we are eternally secure in Christ. It is a great daily reminder of our identity as followers of Jesus as well!”
  • “This little book will transform your whole life as you hear the heart of our Lord speak to you each day! The sweetness of His words remind us how He lives WITHIN us each day to face each obstacle that comes our way.”
  • “Biblically inspired, focused, and beautifully written!”

And I love what a friend of mine said to me just last week: It’s like a hug every day.

Simple and to the point.

I have been so blessed hearing how readers are experiencing His love and encouragement through its pages and meditating on the Scriptures that inspired each day.

If you want to read the first 5 days, you can LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK at Amazon here:

Also, check out my book page to find out more:

I hope you will be able to join me on Facebook, Sunday, May 5, at 2:00 P.M. (CST).

Vernon Terrell of FreeNHim Ministries will be interviewing me, where I will be sharing:

I’ll also be sharing my all-time favorite reading from the book. (Just so you know, I will probably cry.)

Click here to RSVP:

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