His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love

If you long to know Jesus as the love of your life, this devotional study is for you!


“This book called me to deeper, more passionate love for our Bridegroom. With intensive research, thoughtful insights and personal experience, Kim Francis makes the Song of Songs come alive. Using contemporary examples ranging from ‘do not disturb’ signs and overdrawn checking accounts, she makes application to this timeless, and often overlooked, portion of Scripture. The book also provides diagrams, study questions, and book and song resources.”—Latayne C. Scott, award-winning author

 “A beautifully crafted, in-depth study of the Song of Solomon. A gifted mentor and writer, Kim Francis weaves relatable examples with biblical truths to bring deeper insights into this ultimate love story. I highly recommend this study for those who long for and are ready to seek deeper intimacy with Christ.”—Carla Stewart, award-winning author of Chasing Lilacs and Stardust

“Learning how to receive and experience God’s relentless pursuing love is the greatest life-transforming truth we can embrace. His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love is the most thorough teaching I have ever read on the Song of Solomon from a New Covenant perspective. Kim Francis has written a masterpiece that invites us all to receive, believe, and be transformed by God’s pursuing love.”—Donald Campbell, Operation 220 Executive Director

His Banner Over Me is Pursuing Love by Kim K. Francis is a very different approach to the Song of Solomon. The author digs deeper than most scholars in that the words are not only between the lovers named in the book, but between the King of Kings and those who love Him and seek after Him. I appreciate the research of Jewish tradition and other sources that bring the Scriptures to our modern-day minds. When you read/study this book, prepare to dig deep and perhaps learn some things about yourself as well as Jesus.”—Elaine Littau, author, speaker, humorist (Christian fiction, devotionals, and situational humor)

“I see this as a tender, thought-provoking book in which statements are continually backed up by Scripture. Because of this book, I feel compelled as the bride of Christ to deepen my spiritual union with Him in bearing the fruit of His Spirit. I am challenged to love Him, others, and myself more, the latter being the hardest to do. I am moved by the book’s poignant reminders, like how Christ uses my pain as persuasion that I might turn to Him for soothing, or that He jumps for joy over me because I am His! I started to say, “Imagine! Someone like me belongs to someone like Him,” but the book candidly stresses that if I keep seeing myself as who I once was, it prevents me from living like who I am now in Him. Finally, my understanding of difficult spiritual concepts is facilitated by the book’s vivid analogies. My heart is stronger because of this read!”—Sandy Haney, Christian non-fiction author of And the Award Goes to … She Who Shed Hypocrisy and Sand Crab Sentiments: A Tide Pool of Poetry

“Kim Francis brings an inspirational, allegorical approach to the Song of Solomon and provides insight into the fervent love of Christ for His bride, the church. I admire the way she has woven current examples, music and movie references throughout the study to present undeniable truths in a way that are relatable and relevant. This well-researched study can be used as written, or as I enjoyed it, in smaller chunks to let those truths soak in a bit. An incredible journey into Scripture that you will not want to miss!”—Linda Boswell, pastor’s wife, mom, illustrator (Green Grass, Still Waters)

“Kim reveals from this study of the Song of Solomon and her own experience the truth that Jesus is in love with us and He wants us to personally experience His love. This in-depth study lays bare the revelation of I am Jesus’ one and only true love. Get this book and enjoy diving deep into Jesus’ extravagant love for you.”—Julie Morris, Operation 220 Administrator

“Kim has written a book that gives a beautiful visual picture of the love that is ours in Christ. The way she takes apart the story of the Song of Solomon is transforming. She is a prolific, theologically sound and grace-filled writer that I will be happy to recommend for years to come. As a result of my reading this book, I will forever be changed.”—Wynema Clark, co-founder and director of NewCovenantforHousewives.com

“Intimacy. Gentleness. Passion. Romance. These are just a few of the qualities of Jesus (our Bridegroom) that I experienced in these pages. I love Kim’s approach to this Old Testament book. Here you will find a personalized love story, not just about the King and the Shulammite maiden, but between Christ and His bride—which is you and me! By diving deeply into the meanings of the Jewish customs and symbols contained in these verses, she enhances their significance to us. But most meaningful is how the essential truth of both our new identity in Christ and the sweet and loving nature of God are woven throughout this book. Kim lovingly paints for us a new picture of this old story.” —Lori Fry, author of Grace in Brokenness: Hearing God’s Heart in Divorce and certified biblical life coach and counselor at Scope Ministries, International


Christian, do you know that you are the pure, righteous, and holy bride of Christ, and your Spiritual Bridegroom only has eyes for you?

Your brain may be going tilt-tilt after reading that statement, but it’s completely true! Jesus Christ longs for you to personally experience His cherishing love and exuberant life in your Monday-through-Sunday living. He knows that as you enjoy His lavishing, unconditional love, you won’t be able to help but express it in this world. The secret to loving is living loved in Christ, your Spiritual Bridegroom.

His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love is the first of three intimate and interactive six-week studies of the Song of Solomon, an allegory describing the divine romance between Christ and His bride, the church. Spanning chapters 1 and 2, this premier installment will help you renew your mind with the following refreshing and liberating truths:

  • As the bride of Christ, you are completely forgiven for the sins of your lifetime.
  • Through Christ’s finished work on the cross and your identification with Him in His crucifixion and resurrection, you have been made brand-new, and Christ is now your very life.
  • The new covenant made in Christ’s blood has forever sealed you in Him. Your Spiritual Bridegroom will never leave you nor forsake you, regardless of what you do or don’t do.
  • Because of His grace, you are free from law-based living to be completely enamored with Christ alone.
  • You have a real, invisible enemy who is trying everything within his limited power to hoodwink you into accepting his lies about who you are. Once you learn his most effective strategy, you will be armed and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

If you long to know Jesus as the love of your life, this study is for you!

BIO: Kim K. Francis and her husband, Steven, reside at the top of the Texas Panhandle in Perryton. They are the founders of His Heart’s Desire Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping believers in Christ around the globe live loved in Him through understanding their pure, righteous, and holy identity as His bride. Kim also enjoys communicating these liberating truths weekly in her blog, A Happy Christian’s Secret Life, at KimKFrancis.com.


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  1. This very good. I continue to pray for success for the launching of your book. Peace and blessings.

    Manuel Moreno