Kids Say the Darndest Things

... And Sometimes So Do Christians

A little over a year ago, we took our son and his family out to eat at a local restaurant to celebrate his thirty-first birthday. As everyone with small children knows, public dining can oftentimes be a less than pleasurable experience–especially when our pint-sized dinner companions aren’t getting their own way and/or it’s close to their bedtime.

This particular evening, though, proved to be quite entertaining. You know, little kids sometimes say the darndest things. So much so, that parents and grandparents purchase special journals to preserve these rib-tickling treasures for years to come. My daughter-in-law, Katie, bought one to record the hilarious things that my grandson, Logan, has said since he first started talking. I’m not sure if she recorded what he said to the waitress taking our order that night, but I will never forget it.

“I want two ketchups, awot of fwench fwies, and two corn dogs!” Clearly amused by his response, the waitress said, “You are soooo cute!” Logan gave her a serious look and matter-of-factly replied, “I’m not that cute.”

We all busted out laughing at his surprising retort. Nothing like a little pre-dinner humor to prepare the palate.

Two days later, while making my bed, I was still thinking about what Logan said. He wasn’t trying to be funny when said that. He was dead serious. It made me kind of sad that he didn’t agree with the waitress’s estimation of his cuteness quotient.

But when you think about it, his response isn’t that different from most Christians’ when we’re told that we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

2 Corinthians 5_21

Father God says that believers in Christ are “the righteousness of God in [His Son].” Christian, you are as righteous as His Son, Jesus. You are cut from the same bolt of spiritual material as Jesus Christ. You may want to argue with this scripture, but you are going to lose if you do. It’s your opinion against God’s Word.

Imagine how Father God feels when we stare at these words in disbelief and say, “I’m not that righteous.” We have the truth about our new identity right there in black and white. We weigh what God’s Word says against our feelings and our behavior and surmise that God’s Word couldn’t possibly be true.

In short, we just don’t agree with what Father God says about our “righteousness quotient.”

Not good. Why don’t we decide today to stop giving more credibility to our feelings than we do to what the God of the universe says about those who are in His Son? God says we are as righteous as His Son, Jesus Christ, because we are in Him.


Instead of saying, “I certainly don’t feel like I am as righteous as Jesus,” when Father God reminds us of the truth about who we eternally are, why don’t we say, “Wow!” and “Thank You, Lord!” and then live like He is telling the truth?

Dear Christian, I’m wondering, if someone walked up to you right now and told you that you are as righteous as Jesus Christ, how would you respond to them? I would love to hear your answer and discuss practical ways that we can allow the power of Christ’s indwelling Spirit to cause us to live out our authentic selves in Him.

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2 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things

  1. I love the correlation you made here! And yes, I would probably respond badly if someone told me that. I’m thinking a red-faced deflection is what you’d get from me. You’re right though….it’s there in black and white, and I need to begin to believe it.

    • Thank you for your honest comment, Carolyn. I believe most Christians would respond in this way. I did the first time I heard this teaching on 2 Corinthians 5:21. (I think my chin dropped to the floor.) Our brains are hard-wired to equate righteousness with behavior, rather than identity. We have to remind ourselves continuously that we don’t get our identity from what we do, but who Christ made us to be in Him. And, when we begin to see ourselves as we truly are, righteous behavior will be the outflow with Christ’s power as its source.