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How I Got Raving Endorsements for My Book

Every time someone likes or shares your posts on social media, they have effectively endorsed it.

You might not have thought about it that way.

I didn’t.

There are a lot of things I never thought about—until I began the process of self-publishing my book.

Part of the process of publishing a book is to secure raving endorsements for it.

I shared two in last Friday’s post.

Someone recently asked me what this process involves.

So, just in case you are wondering, I will tell you what I did:

  1. I compiled a list of Christian authors whom I knew and other like-minded believers with ministries focused on helping believers in Christ experience wondrous delight in intimacy with Him through understanding their flawless identity in Him.
  2. The first week in May, I sent twenty-one e-mails that included the contents of my book’s back cover (what it is about) and asked if they would like to read my manuscript and consider offering an endorsement for it.
  3. Then, I waited and prayed.
  4. Within the week, I received thirteen ardent yeses. Thank You, Jesus!
  5. I replied (gratefully) to the yeses with copies of my manuscript.
  6. And then, I waited and prayed.
  7. By June 12 (my deadline), I had nine endorsements and a foreword. Thank You, Jesus!
  8. On June 12, I submitted my manuscript to the WestBow Press design team for final review and proofing.
  9. On June 16, I signed off on my book’s completed cover.
  10. And now, I’m wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’ of the impact my book might have on Christians who desperately need to know who they are in Christ so that they can experience wondrous delight in intimacy with Him.

To close out today’s post, I would like to share two more raving endorsements for my book:

Learning how to receive and experience God’s relentless pursuing love is the greatest life-transforming truth we can embrace. His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love is the most thorough teaching I have ever read on the Song of Solomon from a New Covenant perspective. Kim Francis has written a masterpiece that invites us all to receive, believe, and be transformed by God’s pursuing love.”—Donald Campbell, Operation 220 Executive Director

His Banner Over Me is Pursuing Love by Kim Francis is a very different approach to the Song of Solomon. The author digs deeper than most scholars in that the words are not only between the lovers named in the book, but between the King of Kings and those who love Him and seek after Him. I appreciate the research of Jewish tradition and other sources that bring the Scriptures to our modern-day minds. When you read/study this book, prepare to dig deep and perhaps learn some things about yourself as well as Jesus.”—Elaine Littau, author, speaker, humorist (Christian fiction, devotionals, and situational humor)

Dear reader, thank you for your interest in my publishing journey.
Have you dreamed of someday publishing a book?
If publishing a book is not your dream, what is?

If you enjoy my regular posts, I believe you would savor His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love.

This is an intimate, interactive study on the first two chapters of the Song of Songs, dynamically designed to help believers in Christ—both men and women—enjoy wondrous delight in intimacy with Him.

If you want to learn more, check out my book page.

Until next time,
Live Christ—Live Happy!

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