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If my tagline, A Happy Christian’s Secret Life, piqued your interest, great! It did exactly what I intended it to do. No, I’m not living a double life. The secret life I’m referring to is the life that indwells every believer in Christ 24/7 – the very Life of Christ Himself!

Unfortunately, this is one of the best-kept secrets among Christians.

Best-Kept Secret

It’s not because they don’t want to let others in on this almost too-good-to-be-true news (the gospel). It’s because the light hasn’t been turned on their own minds. I know, because I was in the dark about this from the age of nine to thirty-nine!

Thirty years of not knowing the incredible treasure I had living on the inside of me…Now that’s a cryin’ shame. Reminds me of Jed Clampett livin’ poor on his homestead for no tellin’ how long before he “accidentally” discovered that black gold ran just beneath its surface. He was a millionaire for years and didn’t even know it!

I just turned fifty in September and can honestly say that the last ten years of my life have been the happiest–all because of getting my renewed with the truth concerning Christ’s Life in me 24/7 and the brand-new, pure, righteous, and holy new creation that I already am in Him (Rom. 12:2).

I created this site because I believe what I have to say is the most important news believers need to hear. If every believer fully understood the vast treasure of the Secret Life that indwelt them, I daresay they would be living very different lives. Lives filled with contagious enthusiasm and passion. Lives that looked like Christ.

And who knows? The result may be that unbelievers are attracted to Christ because of what they see in our happy, happy, happy lives! (I couldn’t resist.)

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