A Book Review on Peter Lord’s “Turkeys & Eagles”

How God Used a Thirty-Year-Old Book to Cause My Heart to Soar

Just because a book has been in print for almost thirty years doesn’t mean it packs a less powerful punch for those who read it today.

Although I have read and recommended many books to others, this is the first review I’ve ever written. If you are a seasoned book reviewer, I am apologizing ahead of time.

Throughout my years in Christendom, I have heard pastors and Bible teachers share brief anecdotes on the theme of this enlightening and inspiring book. But it wasn’t until a few months ago while I was at my mother-in-law’s (a fellow Christian book-lover), that I spotted the original source for all of these stories–Peter Lord’s Turkeys & Eagles, published in 1987 by Christian Books Publishing House in Auburn, Maine.

I was so excited when she said I could borrow it. I took it home with the intention of reading it right away, put it on a shelf in my library, and quickly forgot about it in the midst of every other item on my to-do list.

It wasn’t until last week while I was editing a portion of my Bible study, His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love, that, out of necessity, I pulled it from the shelf and began devouring it. Have you ever had the thought, “I can’t believe I’ve had this treasure within my reach all this time without enjoying its contents!”

Sometimes I think that and then I realize God’s timing is always perfect. He knows the best time to call our attention to something when we will receive the most benefit.

Turkeys & Eagles is a quick and easy read (I read it in a couple of hours), containing all of 101 pages. The first two sentences in the preface were enough to lure me in: “We are all in danger of falling into the same trap that Adam and Eve fell into. They were tempted to become something they already were.”

I emphasized the word already in this quote because God has used this word again and again in my life to cause me to experience the liberating truths of the finished work of Christ. In fact, one of my blog categories is titled “Done Deal” because  this topic is near and dear to my heart. I have already written several posts concerning this eternal reality for believers in Christ.

Lord begins the book by inviting his readers to take a short test consisting of nine true and false and four short answer questions. He lets his readers know that they will revisit their answers after they are finished reading the story to see how well they scored.

Turkeys & Eagles is about two newborn sibling eaglets, Hagen and his sister, Selin, who have been unintentionally abandoned by their eagle parents. You may be wondering how parents could unintentionally abandon their children. That’s something you will find out when you read the book. (Notice I said when, not if.)

Afraid they are going to starve to death, Hagen and Selin leave the comfort of their aerie to find food. They soon encounter a flock of turkeys, whose confident and compassionate leader, Brant, decides to adopt these two “little turkeys” into his family.

For awhile, Hagen and Selin are elated over their being taken in by these odd-looking birds. There is plenty of turkey food (though not very satisfying) to eat and they are no longer alone.

As time passes, Selin seems to readily adapt to the turkey way of life. But something deep within her brother’s heart tells him there’s got to be a more to life than gobbling (turkeys can be pretty noisy at times) and hunting for turkey food. Sometimes he gets this overwhelming desire to flap his wings and soar above the clouds, but then quickly realizes how ridiculous the idea seems. After all, turkeys don’t fly.

The rest of Hagen’s journey entails how his discontent drives him to seek real answers to his nagging questions. And with the guidance of a wise old bird, he is able to find the truth about who he really is and the kind of life he is meant to live.

While I was unable to locate an audio version of this book, I was able to find two messages that Lord gave on it at DiscipleshipLibrary.com, titled Eagles and Turkeys and Fly with Eagles While Living with Turkeys.

Dear reader, I hope my review of Turkeys & Eagles has sparked within you a desire to read it. I would like to close by asking you a couple of questions:

  1. Have you read Turkeys & Eagles and/or heard messages related to its general theme? 
  2. If so, how has this theme affected your life? If not, would you like to read Turkeys & Eagles now?

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